Integrated transfer discount system

It is a system that integrates public transportation fees in the metropolitan area and charges them in proportion to the distance of use regardless of the means of public transportation.

subject to
  • Seoul Bus (Gan·Brash Line, Loop, Wide Area, Village)
  • Incheon Bus (inter/ branch line, seat, wide area)
  • Gyeonggi Bus (General, Seats, Direct Seats, Village)
  • Metropolitan Railway (Seoul Transportation Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation, Incheon Transportation Corporation, Seoul Metro Line 9 (Phase 1), Seoul Transportation Corporation Line 9 Operation (Phase 2 and Phase 3)), Airport Railway, Shinbundang Line, Gyeonggi Railway, Yongin Light Rail, Uijeongbu Light Rail, Wuyi New Light Rail, Gimpo Gold Line)
  • GTX-A
Transfer fee
  • Basic fee within the basic section (10km, wide-area bus 30km), an additional charge of 100 won (80 won for teenagers, 50 won for children) every 5km if exceeded.
Fare solo passage
  • Seoul city and village bus: Uniform rate system applied (only basic fare is charged)
  • Gyeonggi Bus: Apply a flat rate system or street proportional fare (for details, please refer to the Gyeonggi-do website)
  • Incheon Bus: Flat rate system or proportional street rate is applied (refer to the Incheon City website for details)
  • Metropolitan subway: The distance proportional rate system applies (the basic fare is charged for a basic distance of 10km or less, 100 won for every 5km for more than 10km and 50km or less, and an additional charge of 100 won for every 8km for more than 50km)
  • GTX-A : The distance proportional rate system is applied (the basic distance is less than 10km, and an additional fee is charged if it exceeds 10km). For more information, please refer to the operator’s website.
How to use the transfer discount
  • You must contact the terminal when you get on or off the terminal.
  • For transit passengers who receive a transfer discount, an additional fee will be charged if the transportation card is not in contact when getting off at the last transportation.

[Additional charge] If you don’t have a drop-off tag, the transfer discount will not be applied on the next ride,

The untaged gun that just before getting off is considered a single use, and the amount of the basic fee is collected.

  • With 4 transfers, the transfer discount is applied until you board 5 means.

  • The transfer validity time is limited to 30 minutes after getting off (However, from 21:00 to 07:00 the next day, it is limited to within 60 minutes after getting off)

[Caution] The validity time of the transfer is classified based on the time of the post-ride.

The transfer time with the previous means is valid for 60 minutes only if you board the subsequent means before 07 o’clock.

  • Transfer discount is not available when transferring between the same route and the same vehicle
  • In the case of buses, the transfer discount is only applied if the same number of people are together to the same destination.
  • Maximum usage time for each means of public transportation (re-department of basic charge in case of exceed)
    – 5 hours by subway, 5 hours by city bus, 1 hour by town bus

Korea tour card


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KOREA TOUR CARD affiliation inquiries
E-mail :
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KOREA TOUR CARD Top-up & Refund

– Inquiry: Korea Travel Hotline 1330

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