The 2nd Gangjin Hydrangeas road Festival

The 2nd Gangjin Sugukgil Festival (Hydrangeas road
Festival) will be held at Boeunsan Mountain in Gangjin-eup, Gangjin-gun for three days from June 28 to 30th.

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Busan launches local currency ‘Busan Pay’ for foreigners.

The Busan Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that it will launch “BUSAN Pay,” a local currency service exclusively for foreigners, on June 20th.

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High1 Resort “2024 High1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival”

The “2024 High 1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival” will be held for five days from June 21st to 25th at Gangwon High 1 Resort.

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2024 Inje Camplake Festival opens till June 23rd

The “2024 Inje Camp Lake Festival”, which newly introduced as a summer festival in Inje, Gangwon. Will be held in Bingeo Lake for 10 days from June 14th to 23rd

Chuncheon Makguksu & Dak-Galbi Festival open in june 18th

The Korean food Chuncheon Makguksu & Dak-Galbi Festival will be held in the area of the free parking lot on Legoland for six days from June 18th to the 23rd.

2024 Gunsan Craft Beer & Blues Festival open in June 21st

Gunsan City announced that hold of the “2024 Gunsan Handmade Beer & Blues Festival” at the Gunsan Museum of Modern History for three days in June 21st to 23rd

Place of Seoul goods “Seoul My Soul Shop” opens

The Seoul Tourism Foundation introduced a new official tourist souvenir “Seoul Goods” and opened “Seoul My Soul Shop” in Jongno, Myeong-dong, and Gwanghwamun.

Gangneung Dano Festival crowded by visitors every day

With the opening of the Gangneung Dano Festival, UNESCO and Korea national intangible heritage on June 6th, crowds are raising the festival’s enthusiasm everyday.

The historical fire works ‘Haman Nakhwa Nori’ will be held every month

The Korea Tourism Organization, in partnership with Haman-gun, will hold Haman Nakhwa Nori until November this year for 4 more times except July and august.

Seoul Tourism Foundation Launches New App for ‘Discover Seoul Pass’

The Seoul Tourism Foundation announced launch of a new app significantly improve the function of the “Discover Seoul Pass” a tourism pass ticket for foreigners.

Pohang International Light Festival of 1000 Drone and Mega Fireworks

The Pohang International Light Festival, a representative festival on the east coast of Gyeongsangbuk-do, will be held at Yeongildae Beach in Pohang for three days

Hot and cooler Lotte World Adventure – City Vacation & Samba

Lotte World Summer festival from June 7th to 1st September
Brazilian samba dancers are performing Samba Parade with various opportunities for customers to join in

Philippine actor Kyline visiting Korea for her personal colors

Popular Philippine actor and singer Kailyn Alcantara visited Korea to directly experience and promote Korean medical and wellness tourism and K-beauty.

“Let’s fight in a cool way” at Lotte World’s Busan

Lotte World Adventure Busan will hold the “Magic Water Festival” from June 7 to September 1st. visitors can enjoy water gun fights with performers this summer.

“Let’s enjoy it at Busan Port!” The 17th Busan Port Festival

The 17th Busan Port Festival will be held at Busan Port International Passenger Terminal, North Port Hydrological Park and Yeongdo Maritime Police Pier June 1~2

LEGOLAND X Chuncheon Maim Festival

Enjoy either LEGOLAND during daytime and mime festival at night!
LEGOLAND launches special package for Chuncheon Mime Festival ‘City of Fire: Goblin brawl‘

Korea Helth & Welness festival

“2024 Korea Beauty Festival” in June combines beauty, medical care, wellness, and fashion in major areas of Seoul Gwanghwamun, Hongdae, Myeongdong and Seongsu.

Seoul World Culture Festival Opens on 24th

‘Seoul World Urban Culture Festival’ will be held between Gwanghwamun Square to Sejong-daero with 46 countries food & 16 countries desserts include K-food zone

2024 Seoul Drone Light Show

Drone light show with 1,000 drones illuminating the night sky over the Hangang River Seoul!
A night drone light festival representing the culture & sensibility

Everland’s ‘Luxury Garden’ at Ttukseom, Han River

Everland will present an eco-friendly luxury garden containing the heritage of long experience and scientific know-how at Ttukseom Hangang Park Seoul, Everscape

The world’s best K-Rose exhibition – Everland Rose Festival

information The world’s best ‘K Rose’ appears…Everland’s 39th Anniversary Rose Festival Opens on the 17th of May The Everland

Goksung ‘ WE THE ROSE ‘

Information “WE THE ROSE” Gokseong World Rose Festival. “Opening” on the 17th Gokseong-gun will hold the 14th Gokseong World Rose

Dangjin Drone Light Show

Informations Dangjin Dronelight Show with the 2024 Seohae Bridge will be held in DangjinDangjin Dronelight Show with the 2024 Seohae

10,000km Lotte World Parade for 35 years, refurbished with 10 billion won

Lotte World Adventure, which marks its 35th anniversary this year, will introduce a new night parade called “WORLD OF LIGHT.”

Dondeokjeon back to citizens for the first time in 100 years

The Korean Empire’s diplomatic stage, Deoksugung Dondeokjeon (惇 殿), returns to the arms of citizens for the first time in