Grand Hyatt Accommodation Discount with ‘Jeju Water Bomb’

If you are planning to participate in the music festival Water Bomb 2024 Jeju, you can get a 25 percent discount with the Grand Hyatt Hotel Accommodation Package. In addition to the mufe, you can complete a wonderful summer vacation with the luxury resort Infitini Pool.

According to Lotte Tourism Development on the 9th, two-person tickets to Water Bomb Jeju and a one-night stay in Grand Hyatt Jeju (staying at 12-14 days) will be sold at a price of about 25% off the regular price on the 13th at Tamnao, a public platform for Jeju travel.

Waterbomb 2024 Jeju’ will feature Bibi, the main character of the song “Bamyanggang” syndrome, as well as Highlight, Daniel Zical, Lee Young-ji, Yeeun, Big Natty, Trivi, and Kiko.

“The city of Jeju, Jeju Tourism Organization, Jeju Tourism Association, and Jeju Techno Park are working together to develop Water Bomb Jeju as a representative festival in summer,” a Lotte Tourism Development official said. “Jeju Dream Tower also launched a discount package to participate in this, so it would be good to plan a nice summer vacation.”

The king room of Type A (65㎡) costs 561,000 won (56 dollars) and the twin room of Type B (65㎡) costs 581,000 won (56 dollars). The Grand Hyatt Jeju food and beverage establishment is also offered a 15 percent discount.

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Grand Hyatt Accommodation Discount with ‘Jeju Water Bomb’

Grand Hyatt hotel stay package that offers additional 25% discount of The music festival Water bomb 2024 Jeju and luxury resort Infiniti pool is also available

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