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(G)I-DLE is coming back with new song ‘Klaxon’

K-pop idol group’s (G)I-DLE’s new album title song “Klaxon” was first released.

(G)I-DLE (Mi-yeon, Min-ni, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua) posted a teaser video for the music video of “Klaxon” on their official SNS channel on the 4th.

In the teaser video, the (G)I-DLE appeared in a car in the middle of a busy road under the intense sunlight. Soyeon caught the wheel among the members who were hand-wringing in the heat and sang the introduction to “Klaxon.” In particular, Soyeon made a surprised expression looking somewhere, raising curiosity.

(G)I-DLE delivered an atmosphere suitable for “Klaxon” with summer fashion, including Soyeon’s orange hair. “Klaxon,” which was partially released this time, predicted the birth of an addictive summer song with groovy bass and rhythmic guitar sound in the brass sound.

“Klaxon” is a song that conveys a stylish Y2K mood through the chorus of car horns and the retro word “Klaxon,” and leader Soyeon, a guaranteed box office check in the music industry, participated in all the processes, including writing, composing, and arranging.

(G)I-DLE will release their 7th mini album “I SWAY” with a total of 4 songs including the title song “Klaxon” through various music sites at 6 p.m. on July 8

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(G)I-DLE is coming back with new song ‘Klaxon’

(G) I-dle will release its 7th mini-album “I SWAY” at 6 p.m. on July 8th, featuring a total of 4 songs, including the title song “Klaxon.”

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