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Shin Ha-gyun and Lee Jung-ha’s new TVN drama “The Auditors”

On July 6, 2024, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘The Auditors’ which was named as the successor to ‘Graduation’, will premiere

This drama is an office clean play set in the audit team of JU Construction, where embezzlement and corruption are rampant, and depicts a fierce confrontation between Shin Cha-il (Shin Ha-kyun), the cold-headed audit team leader, and Hwang Dae-woong (Jin-gu), the ambitious vice president.

“The Auditors,” which is drawing attention due to the meeting between actors Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Jung-ha, heralds synergy even from Jin-gu and Cho A-ram. On top of that, in every episode, various actors who will play various characters such as embezzlement, corruption offenders, and victims of incidents appear to fill the play in abundance.

Shin Cha-il (played by Shin Ha-kyun), head of the audit team at JU Construction, is a legendary figure who has no faith in people and carries out audits without wavering due to emotions, blood ties, and delays.
He is called the god of gratitude for his outstanding ability to judge like a lightning bolt, sharp determination, and speak that overwhelms the opponent. 

On the other hand, Jun-soo (Lee Jung-ha), a new employee of JU Construction’s audit team, is a “strong and weak” type who believes in people well and is not intimidated by the strong and is not intimidated by the weak. He supports the audit team to be appointed as the Florida branch of JU Construction, faithfully works on the given task, and dreams of an “American dream.”

In this way, Shin Cha-il and Koo Ja-soo have polar opposite tendencies, but they solve the case one by one, gradually trust each other, and begin to move as a team. Therefore, attention is paid to Shin Cha-il and Koo Ja-soo’s actions, which will be united as a NEW thank-you duo.

“The Auditors” is set against the background of JU Construction, where embezzlement, corruption, and incident accidents are prevalent, and sounds the alarm about crimes that are eating not only the company but also our society. Every episode unravels various embezzlement crimes such as money laundering and fraud, as well as many things that can happen in the workplace.

In particular, it is expected to add dramatic fun by closely linking the intertwined interests of insiders of JU Construction and each incident. The war of nerves between the audit team centered on Shin Cha-il and Koo Han-soo and the forces of Hwang Dae-woong, vice president of JU Construction, also creates extreme tension. I am even more curious about “thank you” that will provide thrilling catharsis through the pleasant retribution of embezzlement criminals.

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Shin Ha-gyun and Lee Jung-ha’s new TVN drama “The Auditors”

On July 6, 2024, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama Thank You, which was named as the successor to ‘Graduation’, will premiere.

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