Detective Conan arrived at Lotte World Adventure

Lotte World Adventure, which marks its 35th anniversary, will showcase its intensity once again. It will collaborate with “Detective Conan,” a global animation film that celebrates its 30th anniversary, to realize the world view of Conan, a famous detective, in the theme park space.

It is called “Detective Conan: MAGIC CITY.” In particular, attention is focusing on the upcoming release of the theater version of “Detective Conan: Pentagram of $1 million” this month.

The period to see Detective Conan is until September 1st. Conan Zone, which appears on Magic Island, will be decorated with a variety of offline contents, including experience zones, photo spots, and 128 kinds of goods that remind you of the actual case.

The story is interesting, too. A notice arrives at Lotte World to take away the hidden gems. With the advent of the legendary “Kid,” Magic Island turns into a Magic City. Conan chasing after Kid. A mysterious incident takes place before him.

Once you enter Magic Island, you will see the “Main Bridge” that resembles the panoramic view of the city on a summer night. If you follow the wall, you will see the door of Magic City. With characters from animation including Conan appearing all over the city, the city is also perfect as a photo zone. You can become a target next to Conan targeting the criminal with your wristwatch, or take a unique photo with Conan and his friends. There are even hidden criminals who have played the role of licorice in animations. It is fun to find out who they are.

Magic Castle, the iconic symbol of Magic Island, will be decorated as an experience zone that perfectly reproduces the main space in the animation. On the second floor, the scene of the incident will be reproduced vividly, such as a scene from an episode in Detective Conan. Beyond the police line, visitors can take various photos with Conan trying to find clues to the case hidden at the mysterious crime scene where the victim’s trace is left.

The third floor must also be taken. Major spaces in Conan, a famous detective agency, Dr. Brown’s research institute, and a whiskey bar with a black organization, have been set up.

If you want to enjoy Magic City 100 times more interesting, you can try a mission tour. You can achieve your mission by using the “Detective Handbook” (for sale). Once you complete all seven hidden missions across the Magic Castle and the main bridge, you’re done. A limited-edition reward of “Lotte World x Detective Conan Special Space Decoration Sticker” will be presented as a gift.

If you’re a fan of Conan, don’t miss out on special merchandise. The necklace-type card wallet with the motif of Conan’s bow tie is a “practical item” that looks just like an animation movie. The cute Conan character acrylic key ring is also popular as it wears a Lotte World headband and bag.

There are also some special discounts to remember. Detective Conan: Limited edition ticket package. There are “Basic Package” that comes with a comprehensive adventure pass and a random photo card, and “Key Ring Package” and “Full Set Package” that come with an additional limited edition keyring. You can also get up to a 43 percent discount if you authenticate yourself with your student ID through KakaoTalk by the end of the semester season.

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