It’s summer, let’s CHIMAC! ” 2024 Daegu Chicken & beer Festival”

The “2024 Daegu Chimac Festival,” which will capture the taste of Korea on a hot summer night, is ready to be reborn as a festival that captivates the taste of the world.

The “Chimaek Festival,” where industry and culture coexist, has become a representative summer festival in Korea through continuous development of contents through thorough analysis as well as increasing the size and number of visitors of the festival for 12 times since its launch in Daegu in 2013.

With the slogan “It’s Summer. Let’s Eat Chimaek,” this year’s Chimaek festival will be held from July 3-7 in the citizens’ square of Duryu Park. The Chimaek Festival has been selected as the “Culture and Tourism Festival” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for five consecutive years since 2020. 

According to the Culture and Tourism 2023 Culture and Tourism Festival Comprehensive Evaluation Report, it was ranked as the number one willingness to revisit the festival and recommend it to others. Through these achievements, the Chimaek Festival continues to be successful as a festival content that utilizes Chimaek, the epitome of Korean food service culture.

The organizing committee of the Daegu Chimac Festival has taken this year as the first year to leap forward into a global festival and plans to start attracting foreign tourists in earnest. To this end, the first priority is to leap forward as a “national representative global festival” selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 

This year’s Chimac Festival was selected as the “2024 Culture and Tourism Festival Project” organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and also launched a global travel package. It is selling products for global tourists in connection with Klook, a large travel platform in Asia. This product is a travel package in collaboration with E-World (opposite the festival venue), which is popular in Asia and China, and comes with a premium Chimaek lounge ticket, chicken + beer + special sauce package, and E-World discount coupon.

Characters and symbols used in ChiMac Festival goods are also renewed and introduced as characters that can be familiar to anyone anytime, anywhere, intuitively announcing the festival. Souvenirs with designs that are not limited to the festival period and can be used in everyday life are also produced so that people can always think of ChiMac Festival.

This year’s lineup of singers, one of the interests of visitors to the festival, will be led by comedian and singer Park Myung-soo, who is the mainstay of the festival on July 3, followed by Zico, Changmo and Daybreak on the 4th, Tanaka on the 5th, Ni Mall Cash & Il Opal, Ichananjana on the 5th, Giolpak and Woody Go Child on the 6th, Ryu Won-jung and Song Ga-in on the 7th to stage a spectacular performance every day. 

The old schoo hip-hop singer Hyun Jin-young, singer Kim Hyun-jung and dancer Park Nam-jung prepared performances in the parking lot of February 28, which will be held as the ice-winning food and drink zone “Hawaiian Ice Pub.” Doshi children and JSerra, a two-member music group by Kim Chang-nam and Park Il-seo, will also be prepared. “Chimac Sunset Garden” at Kolon Outdoor Music Hall will feature K2 Kim Sung-myeon, singer-songwriter Yebin Nada, Hadong-yeon, and High-pitched seats.

There will also be a “Global Zone” for foreign tourists. The Global Zone will be set up at Duryu Citizens Square, the venue of the event, and will provide hands-on seats (chicken and beer) for tourists from various countries, including Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. The zone will be applied only to foreign tourists who applied in advance through inbound travel agencies, and will be used as a sustainable tourism product in the future.

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