New Jeans ‘Supernatural’ Pop-Up Store Opens in Korea-Japan Simultaneously

An offline pop-up store opened simultaneously in Korea and Japan where you can enjoy the group New Jeans’ Japanese debut single “Supernatural.”

According to the agency ADORE Newjeans’ “Supernatural POP-UP” will be held at Line Friends Square Myeongdong and Line Friends Square Shibuya from June 26, respectively.

The pop-up, which will be joined by IPX (formerly Line Friends), New Jeans IP’s official product business partner, was heralded as a collaboration product with great artists such as Takashi Murakami and Fujiwara Hiroshi.

New Jeans ‘ NJ Tokki and Murakami Takashi’s signature Murakami Flower are drawing attention. Flush key rings, flush cushions, bags, and pouches are expected to stimulate fans’ desire to keep them. In addition, cute products such as key rings, smart tokens, and pin badges, which add IPX’s own creativity to each member’s character sketched by Takashi Murakami, are also attracting attention.

Collaboration products with Hiroshi Fujiwara are also expected to be highly popular. A variety of street fashion items such as T-shirts, bandanas, ball caps, and backpacks printed with the team name and member name of New Jeans, written by Hiroshi Fujiwara himself in Korean, English, and Japanese.

In addition, the Shibuya pop-up will have an interactive media experience space where you can immerse yourself in characters and artists, giving fans a different experience.

New Jeans’s Japanese debut single “Supernatural” will be released at 1 p.m. on the 21st. New Jeans will perform its title song “Supernatural” for the first time on Fuji TV’s morning broadcast “Mezamasiterevi.” Hye-in, who suffered an injury to her foot during practice in April, will also participate in schedules other than music programs and performances

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