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“Handsome Guys” the movie which will conquer this summer

Handsome Guys, released on June 26, is director Nam Dong-hyup’s debut film and is a remake of the 2010 American-Canadian collaboration Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (Elly Craig)

The Korean remake of Handsome Guys also follows the basic gist of the original movie in terms of story and genre. The movie revolves around Jae-pil (Lee Seong-min) and Sang-gu (Lee Hee-jun), who are misunderstood everywhere due to their rough appearance.

Jae-pil and Sang-gu are young people who live a healthy life working as carpenters, but they are always misunderstood and discriminated against by people for their “uncommon looks.” They are excited to buy a mansion abandoned in the countryside with the money they have saved and start a new rural life.

However, they are also subject to special surveillance by local police officers Choi (Director Park Ji-hwan) and Nam (Chief Constable Lee Kyu-hyung) from the first day of moving to a “appearance” that also holds them back. They managed to resolve the misunderstanding and try to save Mina (Kong Seung-yeon), who almost fell into the water, but she was misunderstood as a kidnapper. Meanwhile, a mass murder party takes place when her friends storm the mansion in search of Mina who is not returning and even the evil spirit sealed in the basement is awakened.

Handsome Guys is the epitome of an exemplary remake. What the remake brings from the previous work is important, but it is also a project that is more important to remove and how to change it in consideration of the times and countries. In the case of remakes of overseas works, so-called localization, which varies in consideration of the background and characteristics of Korea, becomes the backbone of the work. For the comedy genre, cultural variations that require consideration of each country’s laughing code are even more important issues

Genre: Comic horror
Production company: Hive Media Corp
Director: Namdonghyup
Starring: Lee Sung-min, Lee Hee-jun, Gong Seung-yeon, Lee Kyu-hyung, Park Ji-hwan
Running time: 101 minutes
rate : 15

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