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True story based plane hijacking movie ‘Hijack 1971’

The movie “Hijacking” is a film about the actual hijacking of a plane from Sokcho Airport to Gimpo Airport in 1971 when airliner hijackings were rampant around the world, directed by Kim Sung-han.

“Hijacking” is a film reconstructed by a hijacker trying to go to North Korea beyond the armistice line by adding an artist’s imagination based on a real incident over South Korea.

“Hijacking” is a film reconstructed by a hijacker trying to go to North Korea beyond the armistice line, adding to the artist’s imagination, based on a real incident over South Korea.

In 1971, when the peace mood on the Korean Peninsula was created, such as the first search for separated families between the two Koreas was held at Panmunjom, passenger bookkeeper Tae-in (Ha Jungwoo) and captain Kyu-sik (Sung Dong-il) took a flight to Gimpo from Sokcho Airport, and passengers boarded busily under the guidance of flight attendant Ok-soon (Chae Soo-bin).

Many passengers who went on the trip with excitement for different reasons took off with excitement, but the busyness of the passengers on board under the guidance of crew member Ok-soon (Chae Soo-bin) briefly exploded in the plane, and the plane became a mess.

Yongdae (Yeo Jin-gu), who is trying to kidnap the entire plane, takes control of the control room and threatens to turn the rider to the north.

The moment you cross the armistice line, all passengers on the plane, as well as the pilots and crew, may never return to their hometowns, and there is an extreme suspension unfolding for their lives in a limited space called an airliner.

Due to the impact of the explosion, Kyu-sik loses his sight on one side, and Tae-in and crew member Ok-soon, who are in a desperate situation on a chaotic plane, begin their struggle to land the plane safely.

The direction of “Hijack 1971” is the first film to be directed by Kim Sung-han, who has built up his experience with supporting roles in a number of big works such as “1987,” “Baekdu Mountain” and “Asura.”

In addition, they do not miss the cinematic fun while maximizing the breathtaking tension and immersion of the play that takes place in a space limited to real events.

At the moment the movie begins, the movie “Hijack 1971” will be released on June 21 (Fri), which gives the audience a realistic experience of changing the sitting seat into an airliner seat above the sky.

Genre: Crime
Release date: 2024-06-21
Director: John Watts
Starring: Jungwoo Ha (Taein) | Yeo Jin-gu (Yongdae) | Sung Dong-il (Gyusik) | Chae Soo-bin (Oksoon)
Running time: 100 minutes
Grade: 12


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