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The first single album “THIS MAN” by group SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan X Wonwoo has finally been unveiled.

Jeonghan X Wonwoo released a music video for the entire “THIS MAN” and the title track “Last Night (Guitar by Park Chu-won)”
The album was reinterpreted as the original story of X Wonwoo, who set an urban legend that people all over the world witness a man through dreams.

The music video depicts the story of two men walking in urban dreams. Two men who look alike but chase their own ideals throw the city into a sweet mess. The stories of two beings imprinted with “the man” amid blurry memories and rumors, and city dwellers who wait for them, are embodied in a sensuous screen.

Jeonghan X Wonwoo exudes a mysterious and dreamy aura, raising the level of immersion. The story of Jeonghan, a man who makes a dream that anyone would be willing to follow, Wonwoo, a man who wakes up a dream for a more meaningful reality than a dream, and urbanites who long for them while retaining mixed memories of the two men, unfolds like a fantasy movie.

“Last Night,” written and composed by SEVENTEEN album producers Woozi and Bumjoo, is a medium tempo song that combines Latin rhythm and acoustic guitar melody. Jeonghan X Wonwoo collaborated with Park Joo-won, Korea’s unique Gypsy guitarist, showing a different charm from SEVENTEEN. The synth sound adds tension to the song, and the drowsy voices of the two members and addictive melodies herald the birth of a new hit song.

Meanwhile, following the release of “THIS MAN,” Jeonghan X Wonwoo will appear on the Mnet music program “M Countdown” on the 20th to perform his new song.

ENHYPEN sold 1.88 Million copies on the Day of Release

According to the album sales aggregation site on July 14th, ENHYPEN’s new album “ROMANCE: UNTOLD” sold a total of 1,883,143 copies on the day of its release.

(G)I-DLE is coming back with new song ‘Klaxon’

(G) I-dle will release its 7th mini-album “I SWAY” at 6 p.m. on July 8th, featuring a total of 4 songs, including the title song “Klaxon.”

STAYC opens Pop-up store to celebrate New Album ‘Metamorphic’

STAYC is opening a pop-up at Sungsu-dong to celebrate its first full-length album. A variety of photo zones and keyring DIY zones in the secret closet!

Baby Monsters New single “Forever” YG’s summer song

K-pop idol group Baby Monster presents the dreamlike music of a midsummer night. Baby Monster will release its digital single

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