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Dex to debut on the screen via thriller movie “Tarot”

Cho Yeo-jeong, Dex, and Ko Kyu-pil’s creepy story, the movie ‘Tarot’

The movie ‘Tarot’ tells the story of the main characters who are trapped in the curse of tarot cards with a moment’s choice. Which starring Jo Yeo-jeong,  debut to the movie, Jinyoung Kim (Dex), and Ko Kyu-pil 

“Tarot” tells a story that unfolds as people who have been living in reality face an creepy fate at the prediction of Tarot card that appeared suddenly.
Three different stories of Cho Yeo-jeong’s “Santa’s Visit” Dex’s “Please Throw It Away” and Ko Kyu-pil’s “Going Home” were combined to complete the film.

Jiwoo (Cho Yeo-jeong), a working mother who raises her daughter alone, encounters an incident due to a tarot card she accidentally gets. And competent veteran rider Dong-in (Dex) delivers to a place with a spooky atmosphere. After witnessing something that should not be seen there, she becomes confused.

Finally, on his way home by a late-night taxi in the middle of the night, Kyung-rae (Ko Kyu-pil) is driven off the route by a mysterious taxi driver (Lee Moon-sik) who is unknown and enters a remote mountain path. What on earth happened between the two facing each other? As such, the story of the three gives a creepy tension.

Director: Choi Byung-gil
Starring: Jo Yeo-jeong, Jinyoung Kim (Dex), Ko Kyu-pil and others
Production: LG Uplus STUDIO X+U, Woosang, Studio Chang-chang
Distribution: Film SMC
Running time: 94 minutes
Rating: 18
Released: June 14, 2024

TVING Original occult documentary ‘Shaman: Gwishin-jeon’

TVING released the first four episodes of the original documentary “Shaman : Gwishin-jeon” the stories of people who face and experience of ghosts on July 11

Jang Na-ra X Nam Ji-hyun’s new drama ‘Good Partner’

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Good Partner” is a cold and hot human court office drama between a star lawyer and a new lawyer whose job is to divorce.

Shin Ha-gyun and Lee Jung-ha’s new TVN drama “The Auditors”

On July 6, 2024, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama Thank You, which was named as the successor to ‘Graduation’, will premiere.

“Red Swan” Prohibited melodrama, The daughter-in-law and the Bodyguard.”

Disney+’s original series unveiled a still from Kim Ha-neul, Jung Gyu-woon, and Ki Eun-se’s Love and War drama “Red Swan”

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