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Lee Jung Eun, Jeong Eun Ji, Choi Jinhyuk’s ‘Miss Night and Day’

I loved our actors on the set. I loved the set of this drama, and I hope to see them again regardless of the content. Our actors and “Miss Day and Night” are so lovely

On the afternoon of the 13th, a production presentation for JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Miss Day and Night” was held at the Ramada Sindorim Hotel in Guro-gu, Seoul. Director Lee Hyung-min, Lee Jung-eun, Jeong Eun-ji and Choi Jin-hyuk attended the production presentation.

“Miss Day and Night” is an unusual internship and a sweet and romantic comedy between a job seeker who is suddenly trapped in old age time and a talented prosecutor who is caught up in her during the day and night. It is a work that is drawing attention with a meeting between director Lee Hyung-min, director Choi Sun-min, and writer Park Ha-ji, who showed solid directing skills through dramas “I’m Sorry and I Love You” and “Strong Woman Dobongsoon.”

On the same day, Lee Jung-eun said, “While playing a double role with Jeong Eun-ji, I received a lot of voice files because Jeong Eun-ji was from Busan. I tried to make the way I spoke similar.”

“I also tried to have something in common in my movements because I am an athletic character. In particular, isn’t eong Eun-ji an idol? It was so hard to imitate the dance scene. I had a lot of footage, so I practiced choreography after the shoot and tried to imitate Jung Eun-ji’s video,” he confessed.

“Miss Day and Night” is a drama about a job seeker who is suddenly trapped in old age time, and a talented prosecutor who is caught up in a romantic comedy during the day and night. Lee Mi-jin (Jeong Eun-ji), who has been preparing for the civil service examination for eight years, gets 30 years old overnight due to extreme job stress. She feels a sense of crisis due to untimely abuse of her job opportunity by taking advantage of the announcement of a senior internship at the Seojeong branch office as an opportunity to successfully get a job under the fake name of Lim Soon (Lee Jeong-eun).

“Miss Day and Night” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on the 15th.


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