2024 Gunsan Craft Beer & Blues Festival open in June 21st

The Gunsan craft beer festival will be held in June in Gunsan, which is attracting attention as one of the best craft beers in Korea that coexist with local agriculture.

Gunsan City announced that it will hold the “2024 Gunsan Handmade Beer & Blues Festival” at the Gunsan Museum of Modern History for three days from June 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday).

The Gunsan craft beer festival is attracting national attention with its differentiated local convergence content with the slogan, “Korea’s craft beer, real Korean beer enjoyed in Gunsan.”

Last year’s festival was also successful enough to attract 19,700 visitors, Taiwan’s exchange city craft beer makers, local small business restaurants, lodging companies, and related companies and organizations, so the “2024 Gunsan Handmade Beer & Blues Festival” is expected to attract more citizens and tourists than last year.

This year, local craft beer producers will showcase more than 30 products with different flavors and fragrances, and Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese companies will also participate, and 16 domestic and foreign blues bands will also perform spectacular live performances
It also comes with 20 food booths and flea markets, including chicken, dried fish, and fried food.

Gunsan, the main producer of barley in Korea, has been operating a co-brewery facility called “Beer Port” since 2021 to make and sell craft beer such as wheat beer, black beer, and lager using Gunsan malt.

Mayor Kang Im-joon said, “The story of malt and craft beer in Gunsan is attracting attention as a good model for the growth of related industries such as agriculture, lodging, tourism, and food. We will grow this festival, which is decorated with unique local content, into one of Asia’s top three beer festivals.”

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