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Um Tae-gu & Han Seon-hwa’s “My Sweet Mobster”

Actor Um Tae-gu joins hands with Han Sun-hwa in a “romantic comedy.”

Actors Um Tae-gu, Han Sun-hwa, Kwon Yul and Kim Young-hwan attended the production presentation of JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Playing Woman” held at a hotel in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 12th. “Playing Woman” is a romance drama full of twists between Jihwan, the eldest brother who liquidated the dark past, and Eunha, the “mini sister” who plays with her children

Um Tae-gu, who has played a lot of heavy and dark characters, is trying his first romantic comedy since his debut. His character Seo Ji-hwan is a former gangster who ended his dark past and became a representative of a meat processing company.

Um Tae-gu said, “I wanted to do this kind of work. I enjoyed the script, but I got scared. Still, I wanted to challenge myself because the script was fun and cute,” adding, “I tried to act sincerely even if it was exaggerated, but the process was not easy and ‘realization’ came every day. The actors who did romantic comedies were amazing. I think it will be very different from my previous works.”

Han made people laugh with her comical character performance in her previous film “Work Later, Drink Now” This time, she will express her child creator Ko Eun-ha by adding a deep emotional line and three-dimensional effect.

He said, “He is a person with a positive and pure heart,” and although he is highly excited and bright, he is a different person in different genres. There are different emotional lines and there are many scenes and stories that can be shown in three dimensions. I looked for a lot of materials because it was an unfamiliar job, and I referred to several videos.”

Um Tae-gu and Han Seon-hwa acted together in the OCN drama “Save Me 2” in 2019. This time, they met in a different genre but still showed off their teamwork.
Um Tae-gu said, “I liked it then and I liked it now,” and Han Seon-hwa also responded, “I always liked Um Tae-gu’s chemistry. I acted fiercely to create a fun scene.”

“My sweet mobster” talks about prejudices in the world through special and ordinary people. JTBC’s new drama will start premiere at 8:50 p.m. on June 12th.


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