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The wait-and-see tragedy film ‘A good boy ’ will be on theatre this June

Psychological thriller “A Good Boy” which may become the best buzzword in the first half of the year, released a still from the report ahead of its release in June.

The movie “A Good Boy” is a wait-and-see tragedy psychological thriller that realistically captures the life of an adult who is collapsing due to lies and the life of a child who is revived by lies. It is a problematic work that shows that the indifference and violence of home and school are related, while the rising rookie actor Oh Han-gyeol, who played the child roles of the 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival’s Independent Star Award winner, Nam Gong-min and Byun Woo-seok, and has been active in dramas and plays recently.

A still from the released “A Good Boy” report shows “Su-hyun” (Son Soo-hyun), a homeroom teacher whose perfect life is destroyed by lies, “John” (Oh Han-gyeol), a student whose dark life is revived by lies, and the school, family, parents, and fiancé surrounding them. At first glance, the images of Soo-hyun, a homeroom teacher who puts an umbrella on or feeds bread at home, and John, a student who follows him, seem to be an ordinary priest. However, the distance between the two people between the blackboard of the classroom and the appearance of Johan hugging the teacher and showing a meaningful look, predicting what will happen between the two in the future.

The facial expressions of the supporting actors in the released stills are also noteworthy. The characters surrounding the two main characters are Kim Geum-soon, who draws attention as Soo-hyun’s mother, Cho Kyung-chang as her fiancé, Kim Hak-sun as a vice principal who plays a quiet scene stealer in many movies, Geum Hae-na as John’s mother, and Kim Yun-bae, who is known as his brother and seasoned rookie actor. Each of them plays a clear role, making the audience agonize over good and evil. Lies that the characters consider trivial are expanded and reproduced, and come back to others or themselves to influence their lives.

“A Good Boy” which will emerge as the best problem work in the first half of 2024 while giving the audience a new shock and tension, will be available in theaters nationwide in June.

Title: Yangchigi (A Good Boy)
Director: Son Kyung-won
Starring: Soo-hyun, Oh Han-gyeol, Geum Hae-na, Kim Yun-bae, Kim Geum-soon, Kim Hak-sun, and others
Running time: 94 minutes
Audience rating: 15
Released: June 12, 2024

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