Gangneung Dano Festival crowded by visitors every day

With the opening of the Gangneung Dano Festival,

UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage and also Korea national intangible heritage started in June 6th, cloud crowds are gathering every day, raising the festival’s enthusiasm.

The area around Namdaecheon in Gangneung, where the Gangneung Dano Festival, a 1,000-year-old festival is being held on. Afternoon of the 7th, It has turned into an exciting festival. Despite the weekday, the venue was busy enjoying various programs such as traditional cultural experiences that countless citizens and tourists could experience at the Gangneung Dano Festival.

There was also a long line at the Surichwi Tteok tasting booth, the highlight of Gangneung Dano festival’s food, and Changpomul hair shampoo, Making Dano fan, In addition, both adults and chilren had a good time wearing hanboks and taking commemorative photos at the Hanbok Experience Booth.

The theme of the 2024 Gangneung Dano Festival is “Sosara, Dano,” which means “Raise the spirit of the dragon, rise the hope, and rise the status of the Gangneung Dano Festival.” It contains the hope that the status of the Gangneung Dano Festival, which is promoting Korea and Gangneung to the world with the most Korean content, will rise

This year’s Dano Festival will feature a wealth of 64 programs in 12 fields, including the nation’s largest mess, nationally designated cultural heritage events, civic tour agencies, and folk games events.

The most notable part is various performances. You can see “Dano of Memories” in the venue, which consists of the chaotic scenes, performances, and experiences of the Gangneung Dano Festival in the form of immersive (a performance that provides free space without strict distinction between the stage and the audience). “Dano of Memories” performance, which recreates past Dano venues, is already drawing attention with both the audience and actors.

The Gangneung Dano Festival, which combines tradition and modernity with various folk performances at home and abroad, will continue until the 13th, and the festival is expected to peak over the weekend.

More about Dano

Dano – May 5th of the lunar calendar

Dano, It is the most active day of the year, so it is a Korean holiday held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year according to the lunar calendar.

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