Starfield Goyang

Shinsegae Group’s 3rd Starfield store, “Starfield Goyang”

has two basement floors and four ground floors, with large shopping stores in Shinsegae such as Shinsegae Department Store and E-Mart Traders, as well as entertainment facilities such as Aquafield and Sports Monster. In addition, there is a kids theme park and a food and beverage space with more than 100 famous restaurants nationwide.

Major facilities include E-Mart Traders, a warehouse-style discount store, various specialty stores, and Shinsegae Factory Store, Shinsegae’s first off-price department store. In addition, more than 560 shopping brands, including three major global SPA brand stores, popular brand stores, and street fashion stores, gathered together. The biggest feature of Starfield Goyang is that it has expanded the proportion of entertainment contents such as entertainment, food, and beverages to about 30 percent of the total area of the store.

Existing experience spaces such as Aquafield and Sports Monster, the sports facilities representing Starfield, have been upgraded so that customers can be provided with new experiences and enjoyment throughout their stay. It also has new experience facilities such as Toy Kingdom Play, a kids experience facility, Block Kids Caffe Brick Live, and Fun City with a bowling alley aimed at family customers

Starfield Men’s

a men’s editorial shop targeting male customers in their 30s and 40s, will be built for the first time in Starfield Goyang. It consists of a total of 18 MDs with a floor space of 210 pyeong, and you can find all male-related products in one place, from men’s clothing and shoes to miscellaneous goods, shirts and ties. The store made it feel like exploring with the concept of a cave, and overall, gray & black colors were used to create a calm and luxurious atmosphere. In particular, it is located on the second floor of automobile stores such as BMW and Hyundai Motors, where male customers are interested, and electronic marts are located, making it convenient to move around.


The men’s playground “Electromart” will introduce “Select dining” for the first time at the Starfield Goyang branch. “Boast House” is a concept of a place where tired men can charge while enjoying shopping and various experiences, and has gathered famous restaurants where they can enjoy drinks and meals in one place. In particular, it has also strengthened trend-leading new MDs, equipped with more than 10 AI robots that can be used from IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as smart blinds, curtains, smart door locks, and digital rings to surveillance cameras, reading books and playing music


Goyang Aquafield is a healing club that satisfies the five senses with clear water and fun.
Enjoy your relaxation through the Infinity rooftop pool and poultice spa in contact with the sky of Aquafield.
You can enter immediately after making an online reservation, and you can enter right away by presenting the barcode in the voucher.

Toy Kingdom

is the largest children’s theme park in Korea, and it is a world for parents and children with a “Toy Store” that collects toys from all over the world, an “experience facility” that translates imagination into reality, and a “cafeteria.” Meet Toy Kingdom, a new experience that stimulates the five senses and enhances creativity.

Gourmet street

Meet special gastronomy in a premium lounge with uniqueness.
It is Gourmet Street, a gourmet space where history and experience breathe, such as Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack Burger, the emperor of the New York restaurant industry, and 50-year-old Japanese Shinjuku Donkatsu Saboten.

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