The historical fire works ‘Haman Nakhwa Nori’ will be held every month

It is a traditional folk game unique to Haman that is held in the Mujinjeong area every year on Korean Buddha’s Birthday to pray for the well-being of the residents.

Haman Falling Flower Festival is a fireworks display in which fallen flowers made of oak charcoal are hung between lanterns, lit, and blown onto the water like pollen. During the Japanese colonial period, it was discontinued due to the policy of eradicating the national spirit, but it was restored in 1985 and an event is held every year to pray for the well-being of Haman-gun residents.

Now the Korea Tourism Organization announced on June 5 that it will commercialize Nakhwa, a Korean-style fireworks display, with Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, and operate it once a month from June to November.
However, it is not operated in preparation for the heat wave in July and August.

The Korea Tourism Organization explained that it planned the pilot project to provide more tourism opportunities as crowds flock to the Nakhwa Nori public event held every May to mark Buddha’s Birthday.

The pilot tour package, which includes Nakhwa Nori, consists of various tour packages from the day to the accommodation schedule.

From this day on, information can be checked through the travel product promotion center of the Korea Tourism Organization’s website in every corner of Korea and the Haman-gun Culture and Tourism website.

Busan launches local currency ‘Busan Pay’ for foreigners.

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