Korean Memorial day ‘Hyunchung-il’

Memorial Day means “a day to show loyalty”
and it is a legal holiday on June 6 every year to commemorate the sacrifices of martyrs, such as patriotic independence activists, who contribute to the protection and development of the nation and the country, and the loyalty of all veterans, war dead, and government officials who sacrificed their lives to defend the people.

It was called ‘Hyunchung kinyum-il’ by the Ministry of National Defense, which was promulgated on April 25, 1956, but was incorporated as a memorial day named revised ‘Hyunchung-il’ from 1982

Although it is a legal holiday, it is a national memorial day, not a national holiday. As the day was designated to commemorate the martyrs and the war dead, it was designated as a national memorial day to express condolences. It is a day to raise the national flag along with Armed Forces Day, which is the rarest of the year

Every year, on Memorial Day, a government memorial ceremony is held at the Seoul National Cemetery or Daejeon National Cemetery with the attendance of the President of the Republic of Korea and three key figures. As it is a day to commemorate the martyrdom and the spirit of the country, especially the war dead soldiers, the president, who is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, attends the memorial ceremony unconditionally and pays respect to the spirits unless it is a reason why he cannot attend due to overseas tours or force majeure reasons.

If a soccer or baseball game is held on this day, players will observe a silent prayer as a group before the game. In some cases, even in the KBO League, there are no supporters at all on Memorial Day, or only supporters and drummers are dispatched to cheer. In addition, teams that play at home games on Memorial Day often wear military uniforms with combat uniforms that have been handed down from MLB

Korean Memorial day ‘Hyunchung-il’

Korean Memorial Day has meaning of ‘the day to reveal the faithfulness’.
Every year June 6th, it is a legal holiday to commemorate the loyalty of all sacrificed

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