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Netflix’s ‘HIERARCHY’ Next level High Teen Romance

The Netflix series “Hierarchy”

held a production presentation and announced the birth of the unique visual high-teen scandal. Director Bae Hyun-jin with actor Noh Jung-eui, Kim Jae-won, Ji Hye-won and Lee Won-jung attended the production presentation held at Ambassador Seoul Pullman Hotel in Seoul on the morning of the 3rd (Monday) to talk about the work.

“Hierarchy” contains a high-teen scandal that takes place when a transfer student who entered Juju High School with a secret, where the top 0.01% of the population reigns by order and law, cracks their solid world. Above all, the ‘hot’ meeting of new rising actors such as Noh Jeong-ui, Lee Chae-min, Kim Jae-won, Ji Hye-won, and Lee Won-jung raises expectations for the all-time high-teen scandal. Director Bae Hyun-jin said, “The five actors felt like baroque pearls. They shone not by the fine-worked and standardized jewels, but by their very existence. I think I was lucky to have spent time together.”

The synergy of newcomers who have completed various characters and the worldview of Juju High School (hereinafter referred to as Jushin High School), where perfect order exists, is the best viewing point.

Noh Jeong-ui, who plays the role of Jeong Jae-yi, said, “She is the Queen of the Queens. However, she is a double-sided character who has a secret behind her glamour.” “Since I have lived a fixed life of the top 0.01 percent, I tend to endure everything alone. I don’t express my emotions well in public, but I acted to reveal my pain when I was alone,” he said, referring to his efforts to express “Jeong Jae-yi” intimately.

Lee Chae-min, who plays Kang Ha, a mysterious transfer student who shakes the order of Ju-ne High School, said, “He is a three-dimensional figure with sharpness and hardness behind a bright smile. It is attractive to walk to the end when you are honest with your feelings and believe that it is right,” raising questions about the cracks that Kang Ha will cause. “It would be nice to pay attention to the triangle between Kang Ha, Jae-i, and Lian,” he said. “Please look forward to how Kang Ha squeezes between Jae-i and Lian, and for what reason the characters’ emotions change.”

Kim Jae-won, who is in charge of “Kim Rian,” the law and order of Jusin High School, said, “Although Jusin High School ranks first, he is a pure man. He looks cold on the outside, but he has an unexpected charm that reveals his boyhood in front of Jusin.” In particular, he said, “The subjects I taught at Jusin High School were diverse, including swimming, football, and fencing. I prepared really hard to express the life and environment that Rian has lived,” stimulating expectations.

Director Bae Hyun-jin said, “I didn’t think there was a better word than hi-raki to make people imagine what would happen between classes and classes. The story is about a confrontation between those who want to protect the solid class society and those who want to take revenge,” explaining the title and the intention of the plan. “Jushin High School is a solid world created by royal families except for scholarship students. Children who live and enjoy it for granted and believe that they are the center of the world wake up to the hi-raki (made by adults). They focused on dealing with conflicts between classes and putting their growth as a point. It dealt with the growth of characters and the wave of emotions, not the occurrence and resolution of incidents,” he said, stressing that the difference is the view of Juju High School’s worldview, where perfect order exists.

The Hi-Teen Scandal, Hi-Raki, will be released worldwide on Netflix on June 7.

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