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‘Kim Junsu Concert Movie Chapter One’ on Stage Personnel to Celebrate Release

Singer and musical actor Kim Jun-su’s first live concert film “Kim Jun-su Concert Movie Chapter One: Recreation,” which presents a new paradigm in the performance world with a variety of stages across genres, explosive live performances, colorful stage productions, and brilliant performances, has confirmed its main stage greeting ahead of the exclusive release of Lotte Cinema on June 5

Kim Jun-su’s concert movie Chapter One: Recreation” has become a hot topic of conversation since its release with enthusiastic support from fans. In return, artist Kim Jun-soo will present a special time to fans as a stage greeting to commemorate the release.

Kim Jun-su will have a precious time to meet with the audience in person and express his gratitude at the Lotte Cinema World Tower on June 5th and the fifth at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance on June 9th (Sunday).

In addition, various events are prepared for fans to enjoy, drawing keen attention. Reservations will be available on Lotte Cinema’s website and application from 2 p.m. on May 31.

“Kim Jun-su Concert Movie Chapter One: Recreation” is a live performance film featuring XIA 2024 ENCORE CONCERT CHAPTER 1: Recreation held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for two days from April 27-28. As well as various hit songs such as “Red Diamond,” “Pit a Pat,” “I’m Writing You,” and “Rock the World,” Kim Jun-su’s unique tone and colorful performances will be embodied on the screen and sound system to enable a lively experience as if they are in a concert hall again

Kim Jun-su’s passion, charisma, and new appearances will be written in the future, “Kim Jun-su’s Concert Movie Chapter One: Recreation,” has become a hot topic on various social media after announcing its release on June 5, and attention is being paid to live concert movies that will captivate theaters in June.

Kim Joon-soo will have a precious time to express his gratitude by meeting with the audience in person at Lotte Cinema World Tower in the 6th round on the day of its release on June 5 (Wednesday) and the 5th round at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance on June 9 (Sunday).

The first live concert movie, “Kim Jun-su Concert Movie Chapter One: Recreation,” which can confirm Kim Jun-su’s amazing potential, will be available at Lotte Cinema on June 5.

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