“Let’s enjoy it at Busan Port!” The 17th Busan Port Festival

Celebrating the 29th Sea Day (5.31),
Busan Port International Passenger Terminal, North Port Hydrological Park and Yeongdo Coast Guard Pier, Global Port Park, Busan Port Fireworks Show & Drone Art Show, Boat Tour, etc… Composing a variety of programs

At the opening event on the 1st (Saturday), the festival will be held with a celebratory performance by emotional vocal singer Kim Bum-soo and the Busan Port Fireworks Show & Dong-gu Drone Art Show, which combines 1,200 drones and fireworks.

During the festival, programs such as Global Port-Park, where you can meet various contents from various countries in a space using the “Container,” a symbol of Busan Port logistics, and a boat tour and model boat making will be operated to experience various types of boats on the waterway in the Bukhang Port Hydrophilic Park.

At the Global Port Park, you can experience various cultures of each country, including traditional crafts in Turkiye, music ranging from traditional Japanese folk songs to J-pop, and healing culture of vacation spots in Thailand.

The theme hall, “Busan Hall,” consists of an education program that finds its way by carrying out various quizzes and missions related to Busan Port in a maze made up of large containers.

In addition, there will be a sea-love children’s writing and drawing competition at Bukhang Port Suyeon Park, and experience making ship models such as Turtle Ship and Panokseon.

Programs such as “Revealing Large Ships,” “Busan Port Tour” using the port guide line “Sanuri” and “Jagalchi Cruise” and “Mission Stamp Tour” will be held at the pier of the Yeongdo Maritime Police Station to carry out missions.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Busan Culture and Tourism Festival Organizing Committee ( ), and various experience programs such as “Boat Tour” and “Busan Port Tour” can be pre-booked at Yes24 ( ).

Busan launches local currency ‘Busan Pay’ for foreigners.

The Busan Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that it will launch “BUSAN Pay,” a local currency service exclusively for foreigners, on June 20th.

High1 Resort “2024 High1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival”

The “2024 High 1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival” will be held for five days from June 21st to 25th at Gangwon High 1 Resort.

2024 Inje Camplake Festival opens till June 23rd

The “2024 Inje Camp Lake Festival”, which newly introduced as a summer festival in Inje, Gangwon. Will be held in Bingeo Lake for 10 days from June 14th to 23rd

Chuncheon Makguksu & Dak-Galbi Festival open in june 18th

The Korean food Chuncheon Makguksu & Dak-Galbi Festival will be held in the area of the free parking lot on Legoland for six days from June 18th to the 23rd.

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