LEGOLAND X Chuncheon Maim Festival

announced on the 23rd that it will present various events with the launch of special packages to revitalize the ‘Chuncheon Mime Festival’, Chuncheon’s representative global festival and one of the world’s top three mime festivals.

It will sell special packages to experience Legoland and Mime festivals day and night, operate booths in the festival venue, and donate events using Lego brick mailboxes.

First, Legoland will sell tickets package products for Legoland + Mime Festival (City of Fire) on the official website of Legoland Korea until the 30th for the successful hosting and revitalization of the Mime Festival.

The package was launched with the concept of enjoying Legoland during the day and the Mime Festival at night. It is an opportunity to enjoy more than 70 performances, including the festival’s representative performances “Suitman: Mime Citizen” and “Guardian Bull: Lin,” as well as six different mime theme zones and various performances within Legoland at the same time. Details can be found on Legoland’s official website.

In addition, Legoland will run an event booth called “Du Dum Chit maim with Legoland” from the 31st to June 1st at the “Chuncheon-Culture Zone,” an event area of the mime festival. At the booth, if you wear a Lego costume, make various mime gestures, take a picture in the prepared photo zone, and post it on Instagram with an event hashtag, you will receive tickets to Legoland Park through a lottery for five people (2 tickets per person).


The 2nd Gangjin Hydrangeas road Festival

The 2nd Gangjin Sugukgil Festival (Hydrangeas road
Festival) will be held at Boeunsan Mountain in Gangjin-eup, Gangjin-gun for three days from June 28 to 30th.

Busan launches local currency ‘Busan Pay’ for foreigners.

The Busan Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that it will launch “BUSAN Pay,” a local currency service exclusively for foreigners, on June 20th.

High1 Resort “2024 High1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival”

The “2024 High 1 Shasta Daisy & Local Festival” will be held for five days from June 21st to 25th at Gangwon High 1 Resort.

2024 Inje Camplake Festival opens till June 23rd

The “2024 Inje Camp Lake Festival”, which newly introduced as a summer festival in Inje, Gangwon. Will be held in Bingeo Lake for 10 days from June 14th to 23rd

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