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Seoul Peak Festival 2024

Live music, our own hot festival PEAK FESTIVAL 2024

Feeling that the first moment we met, the deep bive of the moment, and the hottest moment of emotion, but at the beginning of June, when the colorful emotions bloom
PEAKFESTIVAL2024 is here for you, with the freedom that begins the moment you give yourself up to powerful music
Feel the moment the music is alive. The first time I heard it, the heart beat, the music that comforted me
Our living music festival that contains all of that
I’ll be waiting for you at PEAKFESTIVAL


Performance Overview

Performance period: 2024. June 1 (Sat) ~ June 2 (Sun)
Performance time: 12:00~(540 minutes)
Booking period: March 27, 2024 (Wednesday) 18:00 ~ (first come, first served)
Venue: Nanji Hangang Park Youth Plaza
Viewing grade: Overall viewing price
※ Children under the age of 5 are free with guardians, and tickets are purchased for those over the age of 5


Ticket Reservation Office

Pre-sale opening: 2024, March 27, (Wednesday) 18:00
Pre-order closing ※ Early closing when quantity is exhausted
– Saturday’s episode, May 31st (Friday) until 5pm
– Sunday’s episode, June 1st (Saturday) 11am
Ticket Reservation Office (Limited to purchase: 4 tickets per person)
– 29cm www.29cm.co.kr
– Interpark tickets.interpark.com
– Ticket link www.ticketlink.co.kr
– 예스24 http://ticket.yes24.com
– Melon ticket https://ticket.melon.com
– Global Interpark https://www.globalinterpark.com
Ticket price: 109,000 won for a day ticket, 149,000 won for a day ticket
※ Daily ticket – only available on the date of the year
※ Both tickets – You can freely watch all performances for two days from June 1st to 2nd
Discount information: 30% discount for disabled, meritorious, and basic living recipients
– 30% discount for the disabled (1st-3rd grade) (one person with a companion)
– 30% discount for the disabled (levels 4-6) (only you)
– 30% off for people of national merit (only you)
– 30% discount for national basic living recipients (only you)

Line up

Cast (Line-up) ※As of March 26, 2024

※ Due to unavoidable circumstances, some performers, schedules, and appearance hours may be changed.
※ Even in normal rainy weather, the festival will proceed as scheduled.

2024. June 1 (Sat) Performance

Kim Eui-dol, Meaningful Stone
Nerd Connection
Romantic Punch
It’s like MRCH
Lee Seung Yoon
Jung Yong Hwa
Crying Nut

2024. June 2 (Sun) Performance

PITTA (Kang Hyung-oh)
Glen Check.
Kim Yuna,



Nanji Hangang Park’s parking lot is very small, so it takes a lot of time to get in and out.
Please use public transportation as much as possible.

– 9707 (Seoul Metropolitan Bus) → Get off at Nanji Hangang Park Station
– Gyeonggi wide bus and Gyeonggi seat bus do not stop at Nanji Hangang Park stop.

– Exit 7 of Mapo-gu Office Station on Line 6 → About 20 minutes on foot
– Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6 → About 30 minutes on foot

– Nanji Parking Lot 2 (paid) → 10 minutes on foot
[See Nanji Hangang Park’s parking lot facility information (location)]

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