Everland’s ‘Luxury Garden’ at Ttukseom, Han River


Everland, which has Four Seasons Garden and Rose Garden and leads landscaping aesthetics in Korea, announced on the 17th that it will introduce an eco-friendly luxury garden containing the heritage of long experience and scientific know-how in Ttukseom Hangang Park.

Everscape, Timeless Scene,” a garden in the resort sector of Samsung C&T, which participated in the 2024 Seoul International Garden Expo, which opened on the 16th, was created with 2,300㎡, the largest of 76 gardens involving companies, institutions, and domestic and foreign garden artists.

It is composed of 700 trees, including lesser pheasant and rubrum maple, and 16,000 herbaceous plants, including rosemary, French lavender, and carpenter soup, and in particular, Everrose, which was developed by Samsung C&T’s resort division and won the grand prize at the International Rose Competition, can also be met.

“Everscape; Eternal Landscape” will be on permanent display until October after the main event of the 2024 Seoul International Garden Expo, which will run until the 22nd, and you can also experience the changing sense of the season at Ttukseom Hangang Park in Seoul from spring to autumn.

Samsung C&T’s resort division launched “Everscape,” a brand specializing in landscaping, in 2018 based on landscaping know-how accumulated over 50 years through the development of Yongin complexes including Everland.

This garden delivers an eco-friendly message with Everscape’s brand philosophy of “breathing with the Earth.”

It tells the story that nature can be restored over time by installing a structure called “Bridge of Time” that depicts the floating ice of the Han River, which is difficult to see due to climate warming, and the alluvial layer formed by the flow of the Han River.

In addition, nature-friendly construction methods were used, such as minimizing energy use by using a method of assembling a production using waste building materials and recycled plastic and a pre-made structure.

Samsung C&T’s resort division has sought to combine green space and culture while developing the Yongin complex as a demonstration site for land development in the 1970s.

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