Korean Buddha’s Birthday


It is a legal holiday in Korea
which was established to commemorate the birth of Sakyamuni. As one of the legal holidays in Korea, it is the eighth day of the fourth lunar month and the month of leap is not a public holiday.
in Korean it’s called ‘부처님오신날’ and pronounces ‘bucheonim-osinnal

“The Buddha’s Birthday,”
which opened the way for enlightenment
Buddha Sakyamuni was born under the Musu tree of the Lumbini Garden.
As soon as he was born, he walked seven steps east, west, north, and south, and shouted “Lionhu” while pointing his hands at heaven and earth.
“All life is precious above and below the sky. I will make the suffering sentient beings of the world comfortable.”
(天上天下 唯我獨尊 三界皆苦 我當安之)

This cry is a declaration that in the future, we will save all the sentient beings who are struggling in pain, that is, a way to live a comfortable life without interruption for the blind sentient beings wandering in the sea of pain. After abandoning the status of the prince and gaining enlightenment under the Bodaya barley tree after six years of torment, the Buddha’s declaration first began by preaching laws against the five bhikkhus in the Nokyawon, and for the next 45 years, he traveled all over India to guide the sentient beings in the right direction of life.
The word Buddha is named after the Sanskrit word “Buddha” and means an enlightened person.

Lotus Lantern Festival

On the occasion of the Buddha’s birthday, each temple continues to hold offerings such as hanging lanterns on the streets and lighting numerous lanterns in the precincts. Since 1996 (Bulgi 2540), events such as the Lotus Lantern Festival have been added to the Dongdaemun Stadium – Jogyesa Temple, as well as Buddhist Culture Madang, Oulim Madang (Yeondeungbeophoe), and Daedong (Hoehyang) Hanmadang, which have been transformed into a comprehensive festival.

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