The air house Music Festival


The Air House is “UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL” that lasts for 3 days and 2 nights. Find happiness at Variety of Experiences in Nature THE AIR HOUSE, which takes place for 48 hours with nature

Love & enjoy this moment
2 nights and 3 days non-stop party where music and camp meet

You can play freely in nature while listening to music based on house & technok during the festival.
Enjoy healing and freedom outside the city center


Tickets: kream , Ra

Fri 17:00 ~Sat 17:00 / Sat 17:00~Sun 17:00 / Fri 17:00~Sun17:00 are sold. (Camping & Accommodation are separate)

Fri 17:00 ~Sat 17:00 /Sat 17:00~Sun 17:00 / Fri 17:00~Sun 17:00 entrance is available from 15:00 on day of purchase

Due to limited quantities, tickets may be sold out early. Tickets are provided as online tickets and are issued on-site.

After verifying a valid ID, online tickets will be exchanged for The Air House entry bands.Transfer of the admission band and trade between individuals are illegal. Attendees without an entrance band may be removed from the festival.

Please refrain from using plastic cups and help protect the environment


Ticket exchange/cancellation/refund is possible only at the ticket website where you made the purchase, and refund is possible according to the refund policy of each ticket website of purchase. Refunds are not possible on the day of the performance or on-site.

Refunds due to rain are not possible.

Carbon Neutral Festival

Airhouse is hosting a “Carbon Neutral Festival,” where we use reusable containers, analyze waste, energy usage, participant transportation, and even extend to carbon offsetting through forest conservation to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the event. Additionally, all event facilities and structures are constructed using reusable materials.

‘THE AIR HOUSE’ has played a crucial role in enjoying music and culture while raising awareness about environmental protection

and sustainable lifestyles. It has been a space where participants, artists, and staff collectively strive to achieve environmental goals. Through various strategies such as the use of renewable energy and recycling, it has successfully reduced its carbon footprint.

Moreover, it has contributed to environmental issues and presented a new festival culture that grows together with the local community. ‘THE AIR HOUSE’ is recognized as an event emphasizing the importance and values of sustainable festivals, with expectations of cultivating a culture of eco-friendly operations.


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