Everland Rose Festival


The world’s best ‘K Rose’ appears…Everland’s 39th Anniversary Rose Festival Opens on the 17th of May

The Everland Rose Festival is the first flower festival in Korea to be held in 1985 and marks its 39th anniversary this year.

The 20,000㎡ rose garden, the festival site, will be decorated with four theme gardens: Victoria, Venus, Cupid, and Miro.

During the festival, you can enjoy 3 million roses of 720 varieties from around the world, including Port Sunlight (UK), Newdon (US), and Naema (France).

In particular, at this year’s festival, the “Ever Rose Collection Zone” has been newly created in Victoria Garden, where you can meet all 30 types of domestic roses developed by Everland.

Among the roses developed by Everland, the Perfume Everscape variety, which features a strong scent and colorful petals, has been recognized as the world’s best roses, winning four categories, including the top prize at the International Rose Contest.

The Everrose Collection Zone also features story signs and themed photo zones tailored to the concept of each variety, such as weddings, families, Everscape, and carnivals.


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