Goksung ‘ WE THE ROSE ‘


“WE THE ROSE” Gokseong World Rose Festival. “Opening” on the 17th

Gokseong-gun will hold the 14th Gokseong World Rose Festival from the 17th to the 26th in the Seomjingang River Train Village.

According to the county on the 10th, under the theme of “WE THE ROSE,” which means that we are all beautiful roses, this year, the festival hall is not limited to Seomjingang River Train Village, but expanded to Seomjingang Donghwa Garden, Gokseong Children’s Library, County Hall, and Gallery 107, and is preparing as a festival to experience and enjoy with local residents.

Without a separate opening ceremony, the festival will begin with a musical planned performance in which all tourists will be excitedly and joyfully together to the song “Your Look Is a Rose,” and a special invitation performance by Gokseong County Youth Orchestra and world-renowned baritone Kim Ki-hoon from Gokseong will start and finish the opening stage to increase the festive heat.

The core concept of this year’s rose festival is ‘The RED’, R, E, and D represent romance, excitement, and excitement with Romantic, Excitement, Delight, respectively, and will be melted into each performance and program and presented throughout the festival.

First of all, “The Romantic Rose Concert,” which is tailored to the romantic concept, will be played by Queen Lin of Ost and Na Young from Miss Trot 3 Gokseong after the opening performance on the 17th, the first day of the festival, and the performance of “The Romantic Rose Blo. Some” on Saturday, the 18th, will feature a special idol concert featuring Haikey and pastel girls, a promotional ambassador for Gokseong-gun, who sang “Roses Blooming Between Buildings.”

It will also present a colorful performance musical Rose Gala and a collaboration between cello and movie music, “Music with Rose.”

The next day, on Sunday, the 19th, the exciting “The Exciting Rose Concert” will be held in line with the exciting concept, and the irreplaceable duet Norazo, the mbn Shocking Night final South team “Gunjo Crew,” the next generation of trot generation, and Han Tae-hyun from Gokseong Okgwa will be on stage.

For an exciting and happy festival with colorful roses, we are preparing for a variety of attractions with performances unique to the Gokseong Rose Festival, such as “Guerrilla Waltz” and “New Rose Wind”, which are vividly held in front of our eyes.



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