Starfield COEX mall

Starfield COEX Mall

the charm of the city that leads the flow of trends and culture, talks about a new life in the center of Seoul. It offers a variety of options with the sensibility of the city, from contemporary fashion, gastronomy, culture and entertainment. You can read trends just by looking around 320 stores, including beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and experience a pleasant experience with your eyes and mouth at more than 100 restaurants and cafes. Located at the center of the Starfield COEX Mall, the Starfield Library is a cultural space where you can communicate and empathize with celebrities in the fields of literature and art as well as reading and contemplating.


Enjoy shopping with 320 brands and benefits that Starfield Starfield offers. From hip street fashions & cult brands to beauty brands that capture eyes of beautyholics & lifestyle in addition to big SPA brands such as Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, and Oysho, you can read the trend just by looking around.

It’s a heaven of endless flavors. We have gathered more than 100 restaurants and cafes, including ‘TERAROSA’ and ‘Starbucks Reserve’, which lead the coffee culture, in addition to ‘P. F. Chang’s’, an American style Asian bistro, ‘The Place’, a restaurant that appeared on TV show with its signature Bomb Pizza and etc.

In addition to a movie theater and a bookstore as well as an aquarium for mothers and fathers with young children, Starfield COEX Mall offers a unique joy with exhibition, entertainment, culture, and various facilities such as hotels.

The charm of the city that leads trends and cultural movements.
Starfield Coexmall tells a new life in the center of Seoul.
From contemporary fashion, gourmet, culture and entertainment
Everything of city life with urban sensibility.
There is a happiness you want to enjoy.



Come and visit the COEX Aquarium in Seoul, Korea, a wondrous place that captures the dazzling beauty and mystery of the ocean! Get up close and personal with more than 40,000 aquatic species, from the cute and familiar Nemo fish to other rare species you’ve only seen in books, and discover new experiences for all ages.


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