Seoul City Tour Bus

The Seoul City Tour Bus provides organized shuttle tours to the city’s most popular attractions. For the price of just a single ticket, you can spend all day hopping on and hopping off the bus* as it follows a circular route connecting Seoul’s top sightseeing destinations.For first-time visitors, there is no better way to discover the city.
*Night Courses run without stops.

The company offers audio guides of Seoul in 11 different languages. At first, the audio guide was only available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. Service has since expanded to include French, German, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian,andMalaysian. The Seoul City Tour Bus company is currently working on adding more languages for the convenience of visitors and Italian, Arabic, Hindi, and Portuguese will be available in the future.

Single-use headphones are provided for each passenger upon boarding the bus. The open-air double-decker buses have rain and snow covers to keep passengers dry and warm even in inclement weather.


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