Taxis are available 24 hours. They can be easily distinguished from regular cars by the signs on top of the car roof.

You can get a taxi at a taxi stand, or hail one on the street by waving your hand.

An additional fee (usually 1,000 won) is charged on top of the regular fare if you use a call-taxi.

There are various call-taxi companies that operate in each region in Korea.

Regular Taxis

A regular taxi can carry a maximum of 3-4 passengers. Rates are calculated by a taximeter that is visible on the console in the front of the taxi.

The base rate differs by region, but it is usually KRW 4,800 in Seoul for initial 2km.

An additional 20% charge applies for late-night taxi rides (00:00-04:00).

Deluxe Taxis

Deluxe taxis have engine displacements of over 2,000 cc; most are black in color and operate aroundthe capital area.

Deluxe taxis are much more expensive than regular taxis, with KRW 7,000 (up to 3km in Seoul) as a base rate.

However, no additional fare is charged for late-night or long-distance rides.


Van Taxis

These taxis are big enough to carry up to 9 people and can be very convenient when you have a lot ofbaggage.

Every van is equipped with a radio, allowing you to call for pick up.

Although the base rate is KRW 6,500, similar to that of a luxury taxi, the fee may be negotiated between the driver and the passenger.

Taxi Applications

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