Intercity Buses

Intercity Buses and Express Buses

How to Use the Bus
You can board the buses listed below at bus terminals to visit cities in other regions.

Intercity buses will stop at several cities on a route and will involve a longer travel time than expressbuses.

Express buses have a single destination, and consist of Economy, Excellent, and Premium Gold classes. The Excellent express bus is comfortable with extra wide spaces between seats. The Premium Goldexpress bus has large seating areas and tables, and TV monitors are equipped for all the seats so passengers can enjoy various contents including TV shows and movies. Prices for the Premium Gold are thehighest and the Economy the lowest.

City Bus Terminals

To use inter-city buses or express buses, passengers should visit local bus terminals. For information about bus schedules and reserving a bus ticket, please visit the KOBUS website (www.kobus.co.kr) or the inter-city bus information and reservation service (txbus.t-money.co.kr).


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