City Buses

There are city buses, distance buses, and express buses.

To use distance buses and express buses, you will need to buy tickets in advance.

Check the time of departure and the destination before getting on a bus.

City Buses

Using City Buses
Use a transportation card or pay cash when you ride a bus.

You can buy a transportation card at subway stations or stores around bus stops.

Traffic cards can be recharged in cash amounts in units of KRW 1,000, ranging from KRW 1,000 to KRW 50,000.

At present, credit cards can also serve the function of a deferred payment transportation card.

AH Fares are discounted if you use the transportation card.

A discounted transfer fare will apply when you transfer to a bus or the subway.


The table above reflects fares in Seoul; fares may vary by region. Please refer to the traffic information websites of your local city and borough office.

Useful Information

Transfer System (Apply your card to the card reader when getting on and off a bus or a subway.)

The transfer system is applied to all areas where subways and transit vehicles are operated.

The discount program is applied when transferring between buses, or from a bus to a subway or vice versa.

Fare payments made in cash are not eligible for transfer discounts.

If you use a transportation card, you will be able to take advantage of the transfer system, and will notbe charged any extra fare within 10 km of the total distance, when you transfer to other transportation vehicles, such as the bus or subway.

However, you must pay an additional 100 won for every 5km over 10km. Discounted fares differ by region.

To make the advantage of the transfer system applied, get on other means of transportation within 30 minutes after getting off (within 1 hour between 9 pm and 7 am of the next day).

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