10,000km Lotte World Parade for 35 years, refurbished with 10 billion won

Lotte World Adventure, which marks its 35th anniversary this year, will introduce a new night parade called “WORLD OF LIGHT.” The parade will be held at 8 p.m. every day on the first floor of the adventure from the 26th. Like Lotte World, which has boasted record modifiers until “first, greatest, and greatest,” everything about the 35th anniversary parade is the best ever.

The history of Lotte World Adventure is like the history of the parade. Since its opening in 1989, the company has expanded and strengthened its parade story by season. It started with the “Fantasy Parade,” a celebratory parade led by representative characters Lottie and Lorry. The participation type, which even attracted visitors, was revolutionary at the time and was well received for its atmosphere-boosting laser fireworks shows and flying objects.

At the parade marking the first anniversary of the opening, the biggest number of 300 performers appeared at the time, drawing keen attention. Since then, the parade will feature “Season Parade” on a regular basis on special anniversaries such as holidays and Children’s Day. Also in 2009, the 20th anniversary of the parade featured the “Lotis Adventure Parade.” The story and characters of the main attractions such as “Atlantis” and “The Fury of the Pharaoh” have been dramatized into living characters, adding to the familiarity.

In 2014, the 25th anniversary of the event, “Let’s Dream Night Parade” appeared, setting a new record for the world’s first night multimedia parade. “Listen to My Appreciation,” a theme song sung by singer Bada, was the 25th anniversary of the event. “Make a Miracle.” Rhythm and Blues singer Park Jung-hyun participated in the theme song and was praised as the best performance ever.

Until this year, the 35th anniversary of Lotte World’s parade has walked a whopping 9,879 kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance marched from Jamsil to Madrid, Spain

“World of Light,” which will mark its 35th anniversary, is an all-time-high line-up. It has invested more than 10 billion won in development alone. In addition, experts with experience in planning and directing performances at world famous theme parks have been added, and a multimedia show with special effects has been added to enhance the splendor to the extreme.

The story is special as it is the 35th anniversary. As the title of “World of Light” indicates, the main story is that light from all over the world creates a splendid party with Lottie and Lorry, the representative characters of the adventure. First of all, Lottie and Lorry’s guardian angel character “Lodette” flies and announces the start of the parade with music. After that, parade units with symbolic colors will appear sequentially, and a light festival will be held.

The parade unit, which consists of six members, displays a large number of elements of nature, animals and culture that symbolize each region, showing off its splendor. The overwhelming power is the prowess of The Light of the Heart. The sculpture, which has been newly opened at the central Dream Castle on the first floor of the existing indoor adventure, is a sphere-shaped sculpture that symbolizes happiness and love. It will decorate the finale with fireworks to celebrate the 35th anniversary.

Choi Hong-hoon, CEO of Lotte World, said, “I have always smiled and expressed hope for more than 10,000 kilometers,” adding, “We will continue to do our best to play the role of a Good Memory Creator that creates unforgettable memories.”

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