2024 Love some

The Lovesome Festival, which marks its sixth anniversary in 2024, will be held under the theme of this year’s essay “Collection of Heart Drops” by Illustrator Moun. Collecting Heart Drops is a book that captures 100 moments of happiness that have not been discovered in everyday life with soft writing and pictures, and it is expected to convey a warmer comfort to the audience by combining it with the Lovesome Festival that contains the spirit of spring.

In addition, thanks to the great support last year, the stage was expanded to two Olympic Park 88 grass fields and KSPO DOME (gymnastics stadium), and more artists and various events were prepared.

An exotic festival with books and music… This year’s theme is the writer’s essay “Collecting Heart Drops.”
On April 27th and 28th, it will be held at the 88 lawn of Olympic Park, KSPO DOME ( Gymnastics Stadium) for two days

over the age of seven

viewing time
600 minutes in total

10CM, Melomance Jeong seun, Ha Hyunsang, NEW HOPE CLUB, Gaho, Nam Woo Hyun, Daybreak, Sam Kim, Jeok Jae, Cheese, Do Young, So Ran, THE SOLUTIONS, Sson Apple, Yoo chaehoon, Lee Seung Yoon, Key


110,000 won for a day ticket
99,000 won for lawn tickets
KSPO Ticket KRW 99,000

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