Yeonnam-dong 연남동

Yeonnam-dong, which is newly in the spotlight, is a popular area for trendy restaurants featuring European and Asian cuisine and Chinese restaurants in “Little Chinatown.” There are unique cafes and independent bookstores in the mural-painted alley, and Dongjin Market, which opens on weekends, sells vintage clothing and handmade fashion accessories. There are trails along the old railroad tracks in Gyeonguiseon Forest Road

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The space, which has been reborn as a commercial facility, adds fun just by looking at it with the owner’s tastes decorated in various ways. There are many restaurants in the alley where you can taste dishes from all over the world that drive your sight with your taste, and cute props stores and workshops of designers are also huddled together. Material, space, and empathy are harmonized through the local area of Yeonnam-dong.

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