The Hyundai , SEOUL

The Hyundai Seoul is a new destination with the progressive ideas of the Global Design & Design Group.
The nature of attractive architecture and the daily life we meet in it are new to us.

Sir Richard Rogers, one of the most famous architects in the world
It is the latest piece of architectural philosophy of Korea’s traditional architecture
a new interpretation of purple columns and dancheong
It’s a futuristic building.

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The moment you enter The Hyundai Seoul, you will meet Sound’s Forest and Waterfall Garden.
The unexpected nature that meets in high-tech architecture designed to look to the future is amazingly beautiful

The Hyundai Seoul has introduced advanced technology for a safer future.
New services such as self-driving quarantine robots, guidance robots, and unmanned services will be provided
Provide to minimize the waiting time and take care of you delicately.


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